Wednesday, October 4, 2017

And the winner is...

Congratulations Judy! Thank you everyone for entering this giveaway. Are you curious which design won the most 'favorites'? It was the Aqua/Bird Design. 

Thanks again everyone who voted/entered!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Win a SeptemberHouse Needle Minder

Giveaway Needle Minder Embroidery Giveaway SeptemberHouse

It's Giveaway time at SeptemberHouse. The lucky winner will be sent the needle minder of their choice. Just be sure to enter by midnight on Tuesday October 3rd. It's that easy. Good Luck!

SeptemberHouse Needle Minder Giveaway

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Exciting Needle News

Needle Minders by SeptemberHouse

Hello! It's been a wild summer and as we turn a corner into autumn I am so excited to be able to share something brand new with you. Introducing Needle Minders by SeptemberHouse! Four exclusive designs have made their way to the shop shelves this week and they are ready to make your life easier. 

Needle Nanny for hand Embroidery

If you haven't used a needle minder before here is a little overview of how they work:
Each needle minder (also called a needle keeper or a needle nanny) has two parts.

Needle Keeper for hand Embroidery

There is a decorative piece that sits on the top side of your fabric. It has a magnet on the back side of it. A second magnet is used on the underside of your fabric. Together these two pieces connect and stay situated on your fabric as you work. When you need to take a break from your project simply rest your needle on the needle minder and the magnet will keep it in place until you are able to start stitching again.

Modern Embroidery Supplies

So, do you need a needle minder to embroider? Well, no. I didn't use one for years. One day I decided to make a simple (and ugly) one just to see how I liked it and was hooked from there. Oh my gosh, I have lost countless needles over the years in couch cushions, on the floor and heaven knows where else. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if it was just me who might accidentally "find" those wayward needles but I do feel awful when my husband, kids or my poor cat stumble upon them. A needle minder eliminates that guilt (yay).

needle minder cross stitch cat

Here is another benefit - if you are used to poking your needle in and out of your fabric to secure
it in place while you stepped away from your project then you know how ugly those needle holes can be. A needle minder leaves no holes in your fabric and is an easy tool to stash away in your sewing box. (I keep mine on a file cabinet where they look so cute while they wait to be called up for another mission).

Needle Minders by SeptemberHouse

My top priorities when I took these on, was to create a useful tool that is durable and looks great. I went with a bold graphic style and rich colors which make these particularly striking. These are professionally printed - not made of shrink plastic or resin. Additionally they are only available at SeptemberHouse - not made with mass market products like buttons or cabochons.

Watch for a giveaway coming soon to So September where you can win one of these beauties!

Find these new needle minders and other patterns and supplies from SeptemberHouse in my shop on Etsy or Amazon. Thanks so much for checking these out!! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

vacation whaaaatttt??

I can hardly believe it myself but it's true - we actually took a family vacation this summer. A week-long escape from the everyday. Well, not a complete escape - I brought embroidery along of course.

There was a LOT of driving but with the help of screens, embroidery, audio books, some nice scenery, novelty, peanut butter filled pretzels and good company, we all did surprising well in that car for all those miles. 

We started our adventure in Estes Park Colorado where we met up with more family. The photo above shows the view driving into Estes and it gets better as you drive on, believe it or not. Wow what a place. 

After enjoying a few days with family and hiking a bit through the mountains we said good-bye to Colorado and headed to South Dakota where we stopped to see these four friends. 

The last day of the trip was spent in Badlands National Park which, like Colorado, is breathtaking. 

If you have kids that love to climb and jump around it is also a really fun place to visit (and also a little scary when you see some of the steep drop offs and signs warning of rattlesnakes in the area). 

I spent most of my time clicking and clicking away with the camera knowing all along that no picture I could take would really capture the beauty here.

It was good to get away and it was good to come home but what I am most grateful for was the time spent with family and the chance to see even just a small portion of the unbelievable natural wonders this county has to offer. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

a little solstice sale

Just popping in to let everyone know about a sweet one-day sale over at SeptemberHouse. Pick up am embroidery pattern set (download or iron-on) at SeptemberHouse for 30% off! Just use coupon code 'sunny17' at checkout.

I'll be celebrating the start of summer by working on my garden and perhaps relaxing on the deck for bit. I love this season! Enjoy every minute of this very long day!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Christmas Ornament Roundup

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Personalized Snowman Ornament by SeptemberHouse

It's hard to believe it's already time to share 2017 Christmas Ornaments but here we are! There are a couple of new guys and some old favorites in the mix this year - ready to take a peek?

First is the new snowbaby ornament shown above. This little guy features some bold colors and a super cute design that works for both girls or boys. 

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Personalized Elephant Ornament by SeptemberHouse

Next is a re-design of the Elephant Pull Toy ornament. I try to update this one every year and this year I decided to go with a more gender neutral design. The background on this one has a delicate and subtle pattern and the tiny tassel was added to give a new 3-D feature (love those!). 

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Personalized Polar Bear Ornament by SeptemberHouse

The polar bear ornament HAD to come back this year - it was the most popular design from 2016.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Personalized Penguin Ornament by SeptemberHouse

This cute little guy/gal is all set to waddle into the Holiday Season as well.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament Personalized Deer Ornament by SeptemberHouse

And I had to bring back my 'deer' friend - this one was my personal favorite from 2016!

The engraved frames are back this year too - I don't think I could go back to hoops, I love these too much. I also have plain and engraved frames available for DIYers!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You Can Count On Me

Houseplants Counted Cross Stitch Patterns
Today I am so happy to share a little debut with you! Nestled in the pages of the latest issue of Craft Ideas Magazine are three sweet little counted cross stitch patterns featuring the smile-ly guys you see above. It was so much fun working with DMC to bring these patterns to life.

If you are looking for some fresh inspiration for all kinds of projects check out this issue of Craft Ideas! And watch for more counted cross stitch designs from SeptemberHouse!